Made in France

Mo-di-tec, a family story

It was in 2010, having been owned by a Swedish group, that the family structure was re-established by the former French shareholders and their family, under the new name Mo-Di-Tec (Montage Diffusion Technique), which still 100% owned by Manuel Diaz & Sébastien Diaz.

With a wealth of genuine expertise and a constant desire for development, the company has a design office for all bespoke projects. The staff are multilingual, which allows them to work with international users.

Today, from their industrial site in Vienne (38), Manuel Diaz, with almost 30 years’ experience inside MO-DI-TEC, holds the position of Technical Director, alongside his brother Sébastien, who is the Administrative & Financial Director.

With the support of their team (twenty or so employees), they are both committed to ensuring the company’s continued growth.

“We have optimised our production equipment and established ways of monitoring, maintaining and improving the quality of our machines, which has built us a worldwide reputation.
Our highly dedicated team is deeply committed to our expertise and the company’s history.
My brother and I have complementary skills and always share decision-making in terms of the company’s organisation, strategy and development priorities
Today, Mo-Di-Tec is the last French grinder manufacturer, and is also the European leader. Our growth is based on a niche market and we need to continue working hard to maintain our position and consider future recycling methods.”

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