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Company history

The story began in 1981 when Richard Diaz, with his technical expertise in the field of plastics processing, opened his Moditec sales office in Bron, in the Rhône region, within the family home.

Four years later, the company embarked on a new stage in its business with the creation of the first low speed grinder (25 rpm) with the arrival of the GOLIATH range. The firm became the limited company Moditec Manipulation Plastique.

This new generation of grinders guarantees perfect pellet quality, with virtually no dust and little wear. Low speed technology makes recycling quieter, requires less energy and is suitable for grinding hard plastics and technical materials directly at the base of the machine.

Richard Diaz subsequently joined forces with Gilles Dutour, who had a background in sales, in an effort to increase exports. The company also offers a range of conventional grinders (BM blade grinders) to extend the products it offers.

After moving to new premises in Marennes, in addition to its broad range of grinders, Moditec differentiates itself from its competitors by offering an innovative system: double opening of the grinder cutting chamber. An undeniable technical advantage, making it easier to clean, service, and maintain the grinder.

Then as part of its growth phase, Moditec develops a patented Masher system designed for grinding very large plastic parts.

Another worldwide patented innovation once again sets the company apart: the IMD (Integrated Metal Detection) system. This unique concept helps prevent damage should a metal part (ferrous or non-ferrous material) fall into the cutting chamber. As soon as a part is detected, the grinder’s rotor stops almost immediately. The benefits are clear: the grinder is protected, the material is kept free of any contamination and the injection process is optimised.

By avoiding a prolonged stoppage of the machine and significant repair costs, productivity is maintained.

Mo-di-tec develops, designs and produces grinders for a network of around 600 customers and covers numerous business sectors including automotive equipment suppliers and the household appliances, electronics and, even, pharmaceutical industries.

36 distributors represent the brand worldwide.

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